The estimated budget for this project is £55,000 and will take 6 months to complete.


Budget proposal: 

**Podcast Production (8-Part Series):**

*Recording and Editing*: £3,500

*Sound Design and Music*: £1,800

*Scriptwriting and Research*: £2,500

*Narration and Voice Talent*: £1,800

*Promotion and Marketing*: £3,000

*Total for Podcast Production*: £12,600

**Book Development:**

*Writing and Editing*: £4,500

*Design and Layout*: £3,000

*Printing and Publishing*: £6,000

*Promotion and Marketing*: £3,000

*Total for Book Development*: £16,500

**Personnel (6-Month Project Duration):**

*Brent Lee (Host and Author)*: £9,000

*Guest Speakers/Experts*: £4,500

*Total for Personnel*: £13,500

**Research and Content Creation:**

*Expert Interviews and Research Materials*: £3,000

**Administrative Costs:**

*Legal and Copyright Fees*: £2,000

*Insurance*: £1,500

*Miscellaneous Expenses*: £2,000

*Total for Administrative Costs*: £5,500

**Contingency Fund (10% of Total Budget)*: £5,790

**Grand Total Budget:**